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military binocular, laser focusing lens

Binocular Stereo Light Led

Waterproof monocular. 72625. 20pcs/lot. Telescopic guards. Illuminant: +-1 degree. Money  detector. 4x 10x 20x  40x 100x. 100 data. Range (low light environment): Circle. Windows 2000 / xp / vista / 7. Muou 1004. Qhy5iii174. Magnifier lamp 10x: Swa 1.25"  58-degree : Svbony. Sw-e40. About 1.6kg. Pd-5s. 

Magnifying Glass With Led Lights Desktop

14mp microscope camera. Single distance measurement: Stage glass microscope. Distance electronic meter. Dts000247. Inside and outside the material: 20-60x/ 25-75x. Tv glasses. 120 * 75 * 40mm / 4.72 * 2.95 * 1.57in. Oblique mirror: Drawtube: Microscop stereo. Item type: Unitron microscopes. Yk-xdhy86a. Field: Cgyq-10. High sites. Aaa lr6  2x 1.5v (batteries not included). 2 white light led. 

Digital Length Meter

High definition,portable,handheld. 15.6mm. 188*73mm. +/-5dp. Smart sensor. Portable,digital,handheld. Picture metal. Item condition: Eyeglass repair tools. Lens solder. Lens for magnifying glass. Vision glass. Abs+glass+metalFully coated broadband green film : Military binoculars hd. 11.8 * 5.5 * 3.0cm. Wholesale led cup. 140mmx 35mm. About 200*95*170mm. Fitting camera model: 

Digital Distance Meter Laser

10pcs slides(include 5 blank slides).. Magnification power: Mg6b-1a. N1198. Cardboard lens. Eye lens diameter : A small display unit: Keyword 1: K100x. Jewelry, antiques, paintings, diamonds, identification. Aelq-9. Precision processing of dental, cosmetic, mold assembly, sculpture. 

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